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Danger Mouse is probably one of my favorite cartoons of my childhood, and my detective complex is largely influenced by this film. Especially the assistant of the white mouse, Penford, left me with an unforgettable impression. Here will show you how to use a youtube downloader to download our childhood memory.

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Danger Mouse introduce

The original “Danger Mouse” was first broadcasted on British Independent Television in 1981, with a total of 161 episodes in 10 seasons. The protagonist is a British mouse. The profession is a secret agent. He wears white tights and wears a nameplate with his own initials (DM) on his chest. He speaks 34 languages ​​and can stand upside down with his index finger. His left eye has a signature eye mask. But in fact, there is no embarrassment. According to it, “the eye mask is only a part of the shape” and he and his assistant Penfold (a hamster) live in a mailbox in Baker Street, London.

Danger Mouse

Friends who like detective novels should smile at this address because this is also the residence of the big detective Sherlock Holmes. In fact, the form of a strong and weak partner between the white mouse and Penfold is pay tribute to Conan Doyle, like Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

It is worth mentioning that this animated drama has created a very successful role: the blood-sucking duck Duckula this negative image later developed into a classic British cartoon “count duckula

Youtube downloader Danger Mouse

It is said that the “Danger Mouse” has recently been restarted, and will be broadcast on the Netflix website in the first season (first broadcast by the BBC Children’s Channel in 2015). The little mouse and his assistant, Peng Fude, who lived in the mailbox, reappeared. Whether you want to remember the old days or watch the new version Danger Mouse, you can find some episodes on youtube. If you want to download, you can use the best free youtube downloader. Even use Linux, we give a solution for youtube downloader for Linux.

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