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Discuss The Octonauts

“The Octonauts” is an animated version of the marine science knowledge. Many parents say that their children become versatile after watching it.

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the octonauts

The Octonauts ” is an animated cartoon with the theme of “exploration”, “rescue” and “protection”. It integrates marine knowledge, animal identification knowledge and common sense of life into a wonderful plot. For example, the lighthouse jellyfish can be rejuvenated, which means that it can live forever; the hippocampus is actually a father to hatch a baby; there are mountains, sea trenches, fountains and even volcanoes in the ocean.

And this cartoon spreads a lot of positive energy. For example, when the rescue is done, the octonauts team will send a dangerous small animal to a safe place; they will also take the concept of environmental protection at any time. Place it in the story and set the right values ​​for your child.

The most interesting thing is that at the end of each episode, a report will be written in the form of a children’s song. In this report, all the knowledge points of this episode are gathered, and several small protagonists gather at the base headquarters to clap their hands. Singing, very devilish and fun, while deepening the memory for children, let the children learn a variety of marine knowledge in a fun and educational way. If you have children, I highly recommend watching The Octonauts.

Youtube downloader The Octonauts

Here we support you to watch The Octonauts on official channel on youtube. But if you want to collect it offline. You can use the best youtube downloader. For example, one episode URL is . According to the tutorial youtube downloader for Mac, If you are using mobile you can also follow the tutorial youtube downloader android and tutorial youtube downloader for iPhone

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