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Long Vacation appreciation

The “Long Vacation” was broadcast on April 15, 1996. At that time, the male protagonist Sena was 24 years old, and the heroine Minami was 30 years old.

In those days, “Long Vacation” swept the best female actor and female actor with a new man’s screenwriter and best drama in the quarterly drama. All the excellent acting, good music combined with beautiful plots and fashionable service and comfortable lines constitute the perfection of no shortcomings, but it is not unsurpassable. From Matsu Takako to Hiroyuki Ryoko, every supporting role in the play can be considered as a coincidence in the Japanese drama. I am most missed, and I think it is almost impossible to copy, or because of two people.

This is the take-off point of a superstar – Kimura Takuya, after which he swept the entire Japanese and even Asian entertainment circles with his own power, and has been a god for 20 years. The Kimura gas field on the throne was strong and bursting, and the status was detached, and it was extremely capable of controlling the field. He will not share the world with the heroine as a double protagonist. No more people like oak and cotton, and in the gas field of the Great God, still dazzling to press him halfway, set off him as a shy boy.

Even if Kimura is given a young face like 96 years ago, Asian superstar Kimura can no longer perform the gentle, strong and powerful Yan Mingxiu. This is also the end of another super-popular superstar – Yamaguchi Tomoko has been almost stunned since then, running around the world. Before 2012, he only occasionally played in some tourist films.

Probably because this can’t be copied, “Long Vacation” has no sequel, and there is no SP special article. However, it did not disappear, but it appeared in many places, in the “Nodame Cantabile”, the prince of the prince broke through the sky; in the “You from the Stars”, the goddess of the Millennium and the female neuropathy alternated; even The Lala land of the City of Philharmonic will also bring back memories of Lala love song.

Why “Long Vacation” evaluate so high? Every mood of every age can take a different taste. The beauty of Kimura Takuya is derived from temperament. Even if he was young, Kimura’s face did not reach the height of the peak of Kashihara, and at first glance, people couldn’t extricate themselves. Even the face could find faults. But it is so beautiful that it is very penetrating, or that it is beautiful.

The famous big and round eyes of the elk are always wet, and the innocent and full of layers of emotional content, the lips are slightly tilted, full and the lip lines are distinct, and they are gently bitten by the playful rabbit teeth, which is extraordinarily flexible. It is like waiting for a kiss.

The shy boy’s temperament brought by the deer’s eye and the rabbit’s teeth is mixed with the mature male’s angular face. The boy’s generally thin body is also inconsistent and harmoniously mixed with the action that is incomparable and neat.

The beauty of Minami is derived from the gas field. Although the appearance of the show brought me fright, but I have to say that Yamaguchi completely conquered me, this is the first generation of “cosmetic acting”. Long hair with a round fleshy face clearly should be soft, but a sly queen temperament. The face is obviously not beautiful, but once she smiles, my eyes are bent into crescents, and her mouth is so close that I can see the face of wisdom teeth. I can’t wait to say “I was hit” on my chest. Waist and legs are beautiful, the body is excellent and the posture is straight and up, wearing hot pants and trousers are both beautiful. Walking up the hair, screaming, high-heeled shoes, knocking, high-spirited and handsome, and the whole person is shining in the bling-bling.

The Takenouchi, as their name suggests, have a handsome face that is hard-hearted and forgiving regardless of the slag. The wild temperament is like the “Young and Dangerous” that has been pursued in those years. Ryoko is full of collagen cheeks such as shelled eggs. It is as soft and beautiful as the first snow. The white skin of the child’s face and thin waist and long eyelashes, the rice roots of the face of the country, the peach paste is a real fight. When she was wearing a cool dress, she still had a little bit of sorrow, but it was very beautiful. I have to say that it is cool until it is old. Although Hiroyuki Ryoko is young, the appearance of the elf is also beginning to appear.

In the 1990s, the handsome and beautiful women who were both distinctive and distinctive were put into a compression package in such a drama. It was really a kind of stunning feeling of seeing Xu Ke’s “Unbeaten in the East of Swordsman”.

The long vacation can give you something you want to see. The 24-year-old Kimura appears to ridicule the fact that the value of acting cannot coexist. In a word, everyone here is not only pointing at the corners of the mouth but also every act of hair. For Kimura, the most important thing is the eyes. The meticulous emotions of Japanese TV dramas must be said in a thousand words, but for Kimura, just give him a three-second look. Without narration, he can use his eyes to write an article about 800 words without any subject matter including poetry. Those emotions are transparent to the eyelashes are hollow, and one can whistle when unplugged.

For Yamaguchi, the most important thing is the overall natural relaxation. She doesn’t control her expression specifically to look good in the camera. Not to add exaggerated to the headaches of the art to express emotions. A smile is like a natural exudation from the bottom of my heart, which makes people feel that it should be. Wearing a bunny’s clothes to sell cute is not shameful, throwing a tissue box nervous and still dead, hair is also very cute. Except for those kisses, the most votes were probably the name of the famous name when listening to the sound of the piano and standing at the door. That play is very good, but the actor has been well prepared for this kind of drama.

The most shocking thing for me is the small details.

The scene when Takuya asks for a kiss and Minami says yes. It gives me the feeling of being in love in reality.

long vacation appreciation and youtube downloader 1

The scene Takuya is rejected and Minami turn back. The feeling is fantastic with BGM.

long vacation appreciation and youtube downloader 2

The scene Takuya called Minami’s name and Minami responds to.

long vacation appreciation and youtube downloader 3

The ninth episode has two symmetrical scenes:

one side is Minami, after moving away, returning to the residence to help the little brother move, before holding the bottled water, she remembered how to drink bottled water. Suddenly, the look was gentle, and there seemed to be a warm and soft texture between the fingers. When she came back, she dropped the water bottle.

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The other side is Takuya back to the empty home. When he picked up the cup and poured water, he suddenly stopped, and his eyes repeatedly moved between the cup and the water bottle. Then he laughed and put down the cup, and looked at the bottle gently. He hesitated to put the water bottle to his mouth. His eyes flashed and tried to drink the bottle of water, even squinting his eyes. Just like kissing a girl. With water, he continued to look at the water bottle gently – Suntory’s “Nanjing natural water.” In ten seconds, there is no place to put Acacia, the emotional expression is extremely accurate and coherent, and it is lingering to make people want to scream.

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When you want to fall in love, the long vacation will let you see the most reliable love…

Although creating a red and purple “Month 9 (Monday at 9 o’clock) myth”, but some of the hot dramas are not able to withstand the passage of time. It is able to stand out from the pure love dramas and still cure us, even after 20 years. it is because of the concept of life it conveys…

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