how to use youtube to mp4 converter for android tool free and quickly

YouTube is a great website for watching and sharing almost anything you want. But what if you want to download video to your android phone.

Is it possible to use youtube to mp4 converter for Android?

I found that there are many applications on the web that can convert youtube to mp4 for android. But many of them require additional download software, for example, you will require a third-party tool on iSkysoft.

But there is actually one pretty quick way of doing it through without download any tool. it is using our 1conv service

Here’s all the info you need to use youtube to mp4 converter for android

Step 1:  Copy the URL of the YouTube video from your browser or youtube app that you want to download, for example, JAMES BOND 007 “NO TIME TO DIE” Teaser Trailer, which URL is

Because of the different phones and browsers, the steps to get the URL here may differ. Anyway, find a way to copy the video address.

one way is like the following image:


Click share button
copy link address

Step 2:  Go to the browser’s address bar input the URL: on your Android device.

And, paste the video link that you want to download into the input box at the top.


Step 3:  click on the “convert” button to start converter the video.

Step 4: After converter, you will see the download button, press it, you can save the video.


At times you might want to download and convert YouTube videos on your mobile for offline viewing and sharing or other reasons. we know it’s easy through the above steps, so enjoy!

Notice: download videos and mp3 must be licensed by the version owner and used only for study and research, and not for commercial use and dissemination.

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