how to use youtube to mp4 converter for pc free and quickly

YouTube is one of the most popular website worldwide .if you’re going to be offline, you might want to save a collection of clips to watch later on your PC, That’s when you need a free YouTube video converter. Most operating systems are windows, so take windows as an example to introduce two very good tools of youtube to mp4 converter for pc. One is online, the other is offline downloader software. If your system is Linux, see our article of youtube to mp4 converter for linux.

Notice: download videos and mp3 must be licensed by the version owner and used only for study and research, and not for commercial use and dissemination.

2 ways make youtube to mp4 converter for PC(windows)

1) download using website service


the specific steps of conversation is as follow:

Step 1: you should find the video clip that you would like to download, for example, PRIMAL Official Trailer (2019) Nicolas Cage which URL is

youtube to mp4 converter 1080P

Step 2: click this, and paste the link of the video.

Step 3:  click on the “convert” button to start converter the clip. You have to wait for a while until you see the download button.

how to use youtube to mp4 converter for pc free and quickly 1
1conv youtube download

Step 4: After pressing the download button, you can save that video to your PC.

2)download using windows software

youtube-dl for windows

    YouTube-dl native support MAC and Linux operating systems, which is less friendly to window
you need a youtube-dl tutorial for windows. First you should download youtube-dl.exe and  python. Then put youtube-dl.exe in any directory, it is recommended to put it in the C:\Users\ directory of your computer.  Click the Start - Run - cmd.exe , enter youtube-dl, the following image appears 
how to use youtube to mp4 converter for pc free and quickly 2
To download the video clip, you can directly enter the command youtube-dl URL, for example, 

If can’t download youtube video anymore, try to update youtube-dl use command:

# youtube-dl -U

The software automatically downloads videos to your computer. If you hate the command line interface, it is recommended to install a third-party client with a software interface. download link is: 4K Video Downloader


This guide give 3 way of youtube to mp4 converter for PC(windows). 1conv service,youtube-dl, and 4k video downloader, I think, these are the best way. enjoy!

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