How To Generate A Your Own Pdf E-Book

It seems as switch these days is trying to simplify their lives possibly . With our busy lifestyles that include traveling from here to there, the eBook Reader as an activity that any one along with a busy lifestyle might consider. you will found your Kindle has saved the agony of traveling with those heavy books.

We know sometime it is not easy for reading pdf file on kindle. the user experience is not very good. so we can convert pdf to jpg.

there are lots of software to do it. for example Adobe Acrobat, imagemagick,

adobe acrobat can do everything about pdf , so you can also save pdf as image,However, this paid program is not affordable for every user.

and imagemagick, it's good for those high-end users,because it need command line.

whereas, i recommend, it is no limit,fast,and convenient. All you need is just upload your file, choose your target format which is jpg and click convert button.